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Sports Car Finance

We understand that financing can be an integral part of any purchase; we also understand the frustration of loans and enquiries for credit. We have all the same loans contracts available that you would expect from large franchised outlets with one exception in that we have access to multiple lenders.

We have the following loan types available

Consumer Loans

Secured finance loan for private use for an individual or joint applicants.

Chattel Mortgage

Chattel mortgage to other finance products is that under a chattel loan, the financier advances funds to you to purchase a vehicle and you or your business takes ownership of the vehicle (or chattel) at the time of purchase. From here, the financier then takes a “mortgage” over the vehicle as security for the loan.

Hire Purchase

Often referred to as Corporate Hire Purchase or HP or CHP, these loans are for business applicants, applicants would hire the goods from a financier for fixed repayments for a set time.


The financier purchases the vehicle on behalf of the customer, who then leases the vehicle back from the financier and pays a fixed monthly lease rental for the term of the lease. At the end of the lease the customer can either pay a residual value (final instalment) on the lease and take ownership of the car, trade it in or re-finance the residual and continue the lease.

Novated Lease

This product is an agreement with an employer an employee and a finance company, the employee would lease the car in their name and in turn sub lease it to his employer, the employer would make the lease repayments on the vehicle by way of salary sacrifice. Should the employee leave the employer the lease repayments would then by the responsibility of the employee.

Our brokers have experience in arranging hundreds of finance arrangements for our customers. Call us today to speak to one of our sales team or finance brokers.