2024 McMurtry Speirling

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1000bhp+ EV RWD




McMurtry Automotive

road + track appointed AUSTRALIAN DEALER for McMurtry

After blowing the world away at Goodwood FOS 2022 with a new record of 39.08 up the hill, the McMurtry Speirling is now available to customers to purchase in Australia.

Faster than an F1 car.

Patented Downforce-on-Demand Fan System produces over 2,000kg downforce whilst the car is standing still, and over 2,250kg at 150mph.

Weight of less than 1,000kg
Power of over 1,000bhp
190mph top speed
60kWh battery that can fast charge in 20min
+300mi (~500km) range (Good for 10 hot laps of Silverstone GP circuit between charges)
0-60mph: 1.4s
0-100mph: 2.63s
0-190mph: 9s

The Speirling (Irish for "thunderstorm") produces so much downforce that it can put all 1,000hp through the back wheels from a standstill, that's good for 0-100km/h in just 1.4s. But straight line performance is not the greatest accomplishment - cornering forces of up to 3 G make the Speirling the ultimate track car in its purest form. All the power and performance of the Goodwood record breaking Spéirling fan car, ready for the track.

Height: 1.1m
Width: 1.7m
Length: 3.5m

The Speirling has the dimensions of championship winning F1 cars from the 1960s. Small and lightweight = efficient and very very fast.

Max Chilton, development driver: “Proving the Spéirling’s advantage via the outright hill climb record at Goodwood was a proud life achievement. Since then, it’s been rewarding to see what customers can achieve in the driving seat too.  It’s hugely satisfying to be part of the company that are bringing this game changing technology to driving enthusiasts”.

Thomas Yates, founding director:  “The Spéirling PURE will herald a new era on the track. The sound, grip, acceleration, aesthetics and technology of this car are distinct.  Witnessing the car as a spectator or from the cockpit offers a rare and exhilarating experience.  With pre-orders from around the globe, I can’t wait for fan cars at the racetrack to become a new normality.”