2023 Ariel Atom 4

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6-speed Manual

2.0L Turbo 350bhp




2023 Ariel Atom 4 - Official Australian Dealer - road + track

Designed by the in-house Ariel team, the Atom 4 continues the now iconic design, but is an entirely new car from the ground-up.  Building on the learning from previous generations, customer feedback, Ariel assembly technicians and significant R&D by Ariel in recent years, the Atom 4 preserves the essential Ariel qualities but progresses the design and engineering further into the most powerful and able Atom yet.

In 1999 Ariel Motor Company changed everyone’s perception of what a lightweight sports car should be. It was called the Ariel Atom and It set the standard by which performance cars were measured, regardless of price, and still does.

An icon of automotive design, engineering and performance we continue to evolve the Atom. Now in its fourth generation, with more power, improved aerodynamics, stiffer chassis, new suspension and a multitude of refinements the Atom 4 takes the journey further. Nothing else comes close.

The Atom is a truly unique car, but we want it to be your car.  Tailor made just for you, what you want to do and how you want to drive it.  Whether it’s a truly fun road car or the ultimate track weapon an Atom can be configured to your own exact and specific requirements. 

Choose from upgraded engine power, wheel and tyre packages, damper and brake options, different screens and bodywork, competition parts and a whole host more to make your Atom just that – your Atom. Plus with our guiding hand to ensure the car is exactly right for you. An Ariel isn’t just another car – it’s your car, your Ariel. 

road + track is your Official Australian Dealer for Ariel Motor Company. Stay tuned for more updates in 2023.